Corporate Programmes

Raffles Medical can customise programmes to meet your corporate healthcare needs.

With our group practice model and experience working with many private and government organisations, we are confident we can support you to manage workplace health promotion and enhance employee welfare and productivity through a spectrum of programmes.

We offer an array of medical schemes or programmes which can be customised to suit your organisation's medical benefits policy and requirements. They include:

Fee-for-Service Scheme (FFS)

The FFS scheme is a practice where doctors prescribe medication according to the patient’s medical condition. Clients are charged at our clinic list rates less a corporate discount.

Capitated Scheme through Raffles Health Insurance (RHI)

RHI is a full-fledged insurance company specialising in the underwriting of health insurance. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Raffles Medical Group, RHI will be able to leverage on RMG's healthcare network to provide a seamless and superior service, where health insurer and healthcare provider are part of one integrated unit.

RHI has a wide spectrum of health insurance products which provides comprehensive and integrated healthcare solutions for both individual and corporate clients.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

TPA helps to relieve organisations of the strain of managing medical administration for a monthly administrative fee. It is a hassle-free way to healthcare administration.

Raffles Corporate Wellness

Raffles Corporate Wellness provides effective and affordable Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) and Occupational Health services. Supporting your various statutory or corporate employee health requirements

Workplace Health Promotion Services:

  • Consultancy on WHP Programme Design
  • Corporate Health / Lifestyle Profile
  • Management Report on healthcare utilisation & disease trends
  • On-site & Off-site Health Screenings
  • Employee Health Workshops
  • Employee Travel Health Vaccinations / Advisory
  • Health Exhibitions and Fairs
  • Lifestyle, Health and Interest Surveys
  • WHP Health Talks and Forums

Occupational Health Services:

  • Emergency Healthcare & Contingency Planning / Advisory
  • Life Saving Training Courses
  • Mandatory Periodic Medical Examinations
  • Occupational Health Consultancy
  • Occupational Health Talks and Workshops
  • Pre-Employment / Pre-Placement Examinations
  • Workplace Environment Monitoring

Providing Personalised Care

To provide you - our corporate clients - with personalised care, a dedicated Corporate Services Liasion Officer is assigned to every client to look after to all your healthcare needs. Your assigned Liaison Officer will help answer all your medical queries and can also arrange for the value-added services you require.

For more information on our Corporate Programmes, please contact us at
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