Delivery Packages

Delivery-PackagesWith Effect From ​March 2016
*Prices are before GST and correct at the time of print and are subjected to periodic review.

 Type of Delivery  Room Type  Package Price

Normal Delivery Package

 Single Room  $6,000
 2 Bedded Room $5,100
 4 Bedded Room $4,900

Newborn Stay Package ​2 Nights 


Package includes Doctor’s delivery fees
The maximum Medisave claimable amount for normal delivery is $1,650 and $​900 for antenatal care.
 Type of Delivery  Room Type  Package Price

Elective Caesarean Section Package

 Single Room $10,000
 2 Bedded Room $8,300
 4 Bedded Room $8,000

Newborn Stay Package 3 Nights



Package includes Doctor's delivery fees and Anaesthetist's fees for elective Caesarean section
The maximum Medisave claimable amount for elective Caesarean section is $3,500 and $​900 for antenatal care.

The delivery package price is applicable to standard hospital charges during the stay which includes:

  • Doctors’ delivery fees
  • Anaesthetist’s fees for elective Caesarean section
  • Daily room rate for the package selected within the specified length of stay
  • Daily treatment fee
  • Medical and surgical consumables commonly used for delivery in the delivery suite / operating theatre and ward

It does not include the following:

  • Doctors’ daily attendance fees
  • Horoscopic delivery
  • Emergency Caesarean Section
  • Epidural services, use of forceps or vacuum in delivery
  • Treatment of complications
  • Extended stay
  • Emergency services
  • Neonatal special care such as phototherapy
  • Laboratory, diagnostic imaging services and pre-admission investigations
  • Lodger charges, laundry services, overseas telephone calls and extra meals

The above packages are not applicable for:

  • Newborn requiring admission to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Levels 2 and 3
  • Non-cash paying patients

Package rates apply to only cash paying patients and are not applicable to corporate bills including insurance.

Cash deposit is collected upon admission, and full settlement of payment is required upon discharge. If deposit is not received at point of admission, package rate will be converted to ala-carte rate.