For kids aged 0-12 years old

For a ONE-TIME membership fee of RMB 2,000

Up to RMB 5,980 of benefits

RMB 550 paediatric consultation rate and 20% off other services

Programme Benefits

1 FREE developmental check valued at RMB 1,320 including:

  • Interaction with parents pertaining to growth and developmental issues
  • Anthropometry (Height, weight, head circumference)
  • Systemic physical examination (full examination)
  • Advice on sleep, diet/feeding, self-care

1 FREE vaccination review valued at RMB 1,320​

1 FREE dental check valued at RMB 620

1 FREE school entry health check valued at RMB 1,320 including:

  • Physical Examination
  • Height, Weight
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Vision Testing
  • Immunization review (vaccine may incur additional cost)

1 FREE eye check (from age 3) valued at RMB 1,400

Preferential Pricing

  • RMB 550* paediatric consultation rate (Standard price RMB 1,320)

  • 20% off paediatric dental procedures

  • 20% off medications

  • 20% off laboratory tests and imaging​​​ 

* Fixed for 2018, subject to annual price review.​

As a member, your child will receive a Little Dinosaur Membership Kit including:

  • A membership card

  • A Raffles Medical Dinosaur toy


The specific check up items will be formulated by paediatrician according to the age of child.

Raffles Medical Children’s Health

At Raffles Medical, we want to help children take the right steps to a healthy and balanced life. Our child health experts are available to advise on issues related to growth, nutrition and behavioral issues.

  • Vaccinations

  • Child nutrition

  • Breast-feeding advice

  • Educational psychological assessment

  • ​​Behavioral advice

  • Paediatric dentistry

  • Developmental checks

  • Eye Care​​​

Terms and Conditions

  1. One membership per child aged 0-12 years
    2. Not transferable
    3. Prices are quoted in RMB and subject to change
    4. Discounts apply to prevailing prices only
    5. Inclusions are not transferable or redeemable for cash or other services
    6. Applies to designated team of doctors
    7. Membership fee is fixed at RMB 2,000 subject to annual review
    8. Programme is valid at participating China clinics only
    9. Terms & Conditions subject to change