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Dr Daryl Tan Chen Lung

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MBBS (S’pore), M Med (Int Med), MRCP (UK), FAMS


Cancer Centre


Clinical Interest

Lymphoid malignancies


Dr Daryl Tan is a haematologist at Raffles Cancer Centre and the director of research at Raffles Hospital. He graduated from National University of Singapore in 1997 and obtained his membership from the Royal College of Physicians (United Kingdom) in 2002. Prior to joining Raffles Cancer Centre, he was practicing at the department of Haematology in Singapore General Hospital for more than 10 years and received the Singapore Health Service Quality Service Gold Award in 2011. He was also adjunct Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. He is now a visiting consultant to the Singapore General Hospital and continues to contribute to post-graduate teaching.

With an active research interest in lymphoproliferative diseases after completing a postdoctoral fellowship focusing on lymphoma at Stanford University in 2007, Dr Tan spearheaded clinical trials at the Singapore General Hospital for lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Being the principal investigator of more than 20 industry-sponsored and investigator initiated clinical studies, he has implemented studies examining novel chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic agents for lymphoproliferative diseases and these studies have benefited patients who had failed standards of care. He has also received several research grants from the National Medical Research Council, Singhealth Foundation and the Singapore Cancer Syndicate. His research has led to several international presentations and publications in international medical journals including several first-authored articles in the Lancet Oncology, the Lancet Haematology, Blood and the Annals of Oncology. Dr Tan is on the editorial board for the International Journal of Hematology Research and the associate editorial board of the American Journal of Blood Research. He is also a reviewer for several international scientific journals.

Dr Tan is currently an advisor and a member of the International Myeloma Working Group and sits on the advisory panel of the International Myeloma Foundation’s Asia Myeloma Network. He is also a member of the Asia Lymphoma Study Group, the American Society of Haematology and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Through these international affiliations, he has led and contributed to formulating several guidelines on the treatment of lymphoma and multiple myeloma.


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