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Put a Crown on your Smile!

Raffles Dental"Many options are available to help you get a better smile. We share with you two such options – veneers and crowns."

Never underestimate the value of a brilliant smile. From making us look younger, to regaining our confidence, it can make a big difference to our looks. If you ever wondered if those whitening toothpastes actually work, or troubled by the gaps between your teeth, consider seeing a dentist to get professional advice and get them fixed using dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the surface of teeth, which can be sculpted and customised for each patient to create a natural looking smile. It is a quick and reliable solution to mask discoloured teeth while brightening your smile at the same time. Depending on the original condition of your teeth and what you want to achieve aesthetically, your dentist can recommend the suitable material that can produce your desired smile.

However, not everyone is suitable for veneers. “As veneers are designed to be bonded with healthy teeth; if your teeth have been weakened due to significant loss of tooth structure, it may not be strong enough to support a veneer,” says Dr Jessalynn Sukamto, Dental Surgeon, Raffles Dental. “Likewise, if your teeth have decay or you have a gum disease, they will need to be treated first before the veneers are fitted.”

Dental Crowns

If your teeth are badly damaged or severely weakened by decay, your dentist may suggest covering your teeth with a tooth-shaped cap – also known as a dental crown. It is a custom-made restoration that fits over the visible portion of your existing tooth.

Your dentist will recommend a dental crown:

  • When you have a severely discoloured or misshapen tooth, which needs to be covered
  • When your tooth is weak and prone to breaking, or hold parts of a cracked tooth together
  • To restore a severely worn down tooth or an already broken tooth
  • To cover and support a tooth weakened through large fillings or root canal treatment

Several types of crowns are available, ranging from metallic crowns to all-ceramic or porcelain ones. Your dentist will recommend the best choice based on the position of your tooth being restored, the complexity of your problem, and your gum’s health.

To prevent damaging your new crown or veneer, avoid eating hard foods or chewing on hard objects. Your dental crown normally lasts between five and 15 years, depending on the wear and tear the crown is exposed to, and your oral hygiene habits. 

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