6 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

6 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

There is profound truth in this phrase: “I need my beauty sleep”, which we so often hear or even say. But do  you know how does sleep deprivation affect our skin health? Here’s why we should get enough of it everyday if we want to look our best.

1. Rebalances hydration

When we sleep, our skin recovers moisture as the body’s hydration rebalances, while the excess water is generally processed for removal. Therefore, not getting enough rest can result in puffy eye bags. 

2. Reduces dark eye circles

Having enough rest can reduce dark eye circles. Poor blood circulation occurs when we lack sleep and this can get collected around the eye area. Although some people genetically have more melanin (brown pigment) around the eye area, lack of sleep can worsen this problem.

3. Combats pre-mature ageing

Apart from applying sun screen, sleep is a natural way to combat ageing signs such as wrinkles and sagging. Our skin makes new collagen when we sleep. By not sleeping enough, our skin can appear dehydrated which naturally makes fine lines more visible, especially under the eye area since the skin is thin.

4. Glowing complexion

Blood flow to the skin is boosted during our sleep. This is important if we want to wake up with a healthy glow without our complexion looking dull and dehydrated.

Regular exercise can improve blood circulation as it helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

5. Controls stress hormones

Lack of sleep increases stress hormones that can cause inflammation of the skin and worsen acne problems. In addition, stress increases the hormone cortisol which can lead to hair loss. This happens when a decreased blood flow fails to transport nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles.

6. Works better for your beauty products

Your skin can better reap the benefits of the ingredients contained in your skin care products, since your skin repairs itself and blood circulation is more consistent when you are snoozing

Tip: Don’t drink too much water at night and before bedtime as it may affect your sleep. Instead drink up in the day to help your skin stay hydrated at night.

How many hours of sleep do I need?

The recommended hours of sleep for common age groups.

Age Groups Recommended
Hours of Sleep per Day
Newborn0 – 3 months 14 – 17
Infant4 – 11 months 12 – 15
Toddler1 – 2 years 11 – 14
Pre-school3 – 5 years 10 – 13
School Age6 – 13 years 9 – 11
Teenager14 – 17 years 8 – 10
Young Adult and Adult18 – 64 years 7 – 9
Older Adult≥ 65 years 7 – 8