Delivery Packages

Delivery-PackagesWith Effect From ​​Nov 2017 

Type of Delivery

Single Room


Maximum Medisave Claim

Without GST

With GST

Without GST

With GST

Normal Delivery

Includes total professional fees and 2 nights stay for mother and baby






Normal Delivery with Epidural

Includes total professional fees and 2 nights stay for mother and baby





Elective Caesarean Section

Includes total professional fees and 3 nights stay for mother and baby






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Terms and Conditions

The delivery package prices are applicable to standard hospital charges during the stay which include:

  • Obstetrician’s total fees for delivery, ward attendance and labour ward attendance 
  • Paediatrician’s charges
  • Anaesthetist’s fees for epidural or general anaesthesia
  • Room rate for the package selected within the length of stay specified above
  • Daily treatment fee
  • Medical and surgical consumables commonly used for delivery in the delivery suite/ operating theatre and ward
  • CTG up to 8 hours for normal delivery
  • Newborn blood screening (G6PD, ABO blood type, Serum TSH), Injection Vitamin K, Vaccination (BCG, Hep B) and Bilirubin Screen

It does not include the following:

  • Treatment of complications
  • Assisted delivery
  • Horoscopic delivery
  • Emergency Caesarean Section
  • Extended stay
  • Emergency services and specialist outpatient services
  • Additional newborn test such as metabolic screening
  • Neonatal special care such as phototherapy
  • Abdominal binder and uncommon medical and surgical consumables
  • Laboratory, diagnostic imaging services and pre-admission investigations
  • Extra meals, laundry services and overseas telephone calls

The above packages are offered by your doctor based on your condition. The packages do not apply for:

  • Delivery of more than one baby
  • Additional procedure(s) in the same admission
  • Baby born prematurely
  • Newborn requiring admission to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Levels 2 and 3

Package payment is collected in full upon admission.

Prices are subjected to periodic review.