What More Could Raffles Shield Offer Me?

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Customised Group Insurance

We offer a range of group medical and non-medical insurance customised to your company needs. Being a specialist in healthcare insurance, we focus on managing rising healthcare costs.


Whether you are at home or working abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is your health. You need the peace of mind that you have access to the very best treatment available, whenever and wherever you need it.

Worldwide Health Options

Insured by RHI and administered by Bupa, is our modular international health insurance plan for individuals and families. It allows you to customise your plan to suit your situation.


RHI MediEnhanced aims to reduce duplication of medical coverage between GHS and your employees' own Private Integrated Shield Plan.

For You

Individual and family medical coverage at home or overseas.

For Your Business

Local and international cover available.

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