The Raffles Health Insurance (RHI) MediEnhanced is a customised Group Hospital and Surgical (GHS) plan, designed to complement any Private Integrated Shield Plan in the market. It acts as a supplement plan, covering both the deductibles and co-payments of a Private Integrated Shield Plan up to an agreed limit. 


RHI MediEnhanced aims to reduce duplication of medical coverage between GHS and your employees' own Private Integrated Shield Plan.


If your employees are already covered under a Private Integrated Shield Plan, you can consider switching them from their standard corporate health plan to an RHI MediEnhanced Plan. Any savings as a result of this switch can be credited to your employees' CPF to help finance their Private Integrated Shield Plan.
  • Savings can be credited into your employees' account where they can have the option to use it to finance their Private Integrated Shield Plan premium.
  • Covers them from the first dollar onwards and up to their current scheme limit.
  • Employees' Private Integrated Shield Plan are portable.
  • Allows them the flexibility of staying with their current Private Integrated Shield Plan provider and avoid any switching hassle.
  • Tax savings.

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