Third Party Administration


Outsource Your In-House Claims Administration & Achieve Cost Savings Values!

Let Raffles Health Insurance (RHI) Third Party Administration do it for you!

Companies that do not rely on insurance or being managed by a healthcare provider usually administer employee health benefits in-house. Employees pay cash at any appointed clinics and seek reimbursement from the employer thereafter, and this will require extra administration resources. Healthcare benefits and ensuing claims are complex to comprehend and administer at some point of time.

In actual fact, self-insured healthcare benefits administration can be laborious, time-consuming and is also an inefficient use of resources towards the company.

To reduce the cost of administration for better deployment of company resources, employers can outsource employee healthcare benefit administration to a third party administrator.

As a healthcare expert with extensive healthcare claims management capabilities, RHI Third Party Administration services can better help employers to manage healthcare benefit schemes efficiently and reduce unnecessary costs.

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