Travel Medicine

Preparation is vital for a safe trip. Before departure, one of our doctors can help you understand the medical risks in the country and area where you will be traveling. Our doctors can also work with you to help devise a plan of action to reduce your risk of getting ill while you are away. Our clinic can provide you with the required vaccinations as well as a wide range of prescription and non-prescription medicines and travel supplies.


Our doctor will assess your travel risk based on:

  • Destination and available medical facilities
  • Business or leisure travel
  • Style of travel (e.g. 5 star or backpacking)
  • Medical history
  • Age
  • Time of year

Some of the health considerations in planning for your trip include:

  • Pre-travel vaccinations (Rabies, Diphtheria and Tetanus, Hepatitis A & B)
  • Malaria education and prophylaxis
  • Infectious diseases: Cholera, HIV, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, Giardiasis, Lyme
  • Disease, Rabies and Yellow Fever
  • Climate and altitude sickness
  • Motion sickness
  • Food and water safety
  • Other health concerns: diving, sports, sexual health, insect repellent usage and more.