Birth Choices

birth-coichesAs you look forward to welcoming your new bundle of joy into your life, it is important to understand your birth options and learn about how you can make your birth experience a memorable and beautiful one. At Raffles we are fully aware of the importance of every labour and strive to help you make the best choice for your delivery. Please discuss your options carefully with your doctor during your checkups.
In a vaginal birth, the baby will be delivered through the birth canal naturally without any assistance.
In Assisted Forceps Delivery, forceps designed to hold on to the foetal head are used to help deliver the baby from the birth canal by traction and guidance without causing injury to the mother or foetus.
The Kiwi Cup is a suction cup that is designed to adhere to the baby’s skull while the baby is in the birth canal. The cup allows for delivery by traction and guidance without causing injury to the mother or foetus.
LSCS refers to a surgical procedure whereby a 12-15cm cut is made along the bikini line. An elective CS indicates that a pre-planned decision was made during pregnancy and not when in labour.
Should a situation that compromise either maternal or foetal well-being while in labour arise, the safest route for delivery is by emergency LSCS.
Immersion in an appropriate temperature in a pool during the first stages of labor can help with pain relief.