Celebrate National Day with the Raffles Community

Striving Together in the Singapore Spirit

In commemoration of Singapore’s independence on 9 August, Raffles Medical Group celebrates the good health and spirit of togetherness as everyone in Singapore continues the fight against COVID-19. This National Day, embark on a journey to good health with healthcare products and services specially curated for you!


National Day E-Postcards

There is no better time than now to show your appreciation to your loved ones. Send a personalised National Day e-postcard to them today! Let us strive towards good health and strength this National Day!

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Your Guide to Healthcare Options in Singapore

Do you get confused when it comes to the many healthcare options available in Singapore? Yes, many do! That is why we have put together a comprehensive guide for you here. Check out your guide to the healthcare options in Singapore for both citizens and work pass holders.

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Products & Services

Here is a reminder that Health is the Greatest Wealth. We have a wide array of products and services that cater to your every health need. Find out more below on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones today!

General Health Screening

Raffles Classic

Take control and manage potential health risks by understanding your key health indicators such as blood sugar and count, urinalysis and cholestrol profile.

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Deluxe Plus (Ladies/Men)

Maintain the prime of your health with ultrasound screening options for major organs.

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Raffles Executive (Ladies / Men)

Ascertain health risks that come with age. Health risks may include cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer in men, ovarian or breast cancer in women.

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Heart Screening

A heart assessment can identify potential problems and reduce mortality rates.

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Prostate Screening

Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer among Singaporea men. Early detection saves lives.

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Tui Na / Acupuncture with Consultation

Improve your health and overall well-being with traditional Chinese medicine. It includes a health assessment, consultation, and acupuncture session.

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Dental Appointment

A routine dental checkup is essential to maintain good oral health and detect related issues early.

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Family Wellness

Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine

Raffles Medical Group has received approval under the Special Access Route (SAR) to provide Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines in Singapore.

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Maternity Package

Our experienced team of obstetricians and gynaecologists provides comprehensive quality care and service before, during and after your delivery.

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TCM Fertility Booster

Improve your chances to conceive naturally. It includes a health assessment, consultation and acupuncture session.

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TCM Sinusitis and Rhinitis Management Package

If you have recurring sinusitis (sinus issues) or rhinitis, acupuncture is a natural method you can try to provide long-term relief.

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Vaccinations can lower your chances of getting certain diseases. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting that shot.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Raffles Medical offers a panel of doctors who are LPA Certificate Issuers.

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Advance Medical Directive

The Advance Medical Directive (AMD) document is witnessed and certified by Raffles Medical doctors.

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Find A Clinic

We operate over 80 clinics across the island at your convenience. Locate your nearest Raffles Medical clinic here.

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Supplement your health with Raffles' branded supplements. Strengthen your immune system with Raffles’ range of health supplements
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Raffles Triple Joint Support

Combat stiffness, pain and joint inflammation with the Raffles formula of joint supplements.
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Ceradan Skin Barrier Repair Cream

If you have dry, sensitive skin, Ceradan's repair cream is perfect for you. Its ceramide-dominant moisturising cream repairs your skin barrier and is safe for all ages.
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Manage your health with Raffles Connect

Access a full continuum of health services at just a fingertip away. You can now book your COVID-19 test appointment, video consult a doctor, shop online, and many more via our Raffles Connect app.


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