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Thank you for your interest in using RMG’s guest wireless network . This network allows limited access to RMG’s private network. Use of this network by anyone other than a RMG guest is prohibited. Guests are asked to agree to the following terms and conditions before loggin on.

Terms and Conditions
This is not a public network, you are about to enter the RMG private wireless data network.

The RMG guest wireless network is a limited wireless data network provided for guests of the Hospital. No username or password is required.

Please note:

  • This service is provided as a complimentary service to all Raffles Hospital visitors without any charges and there will not be any technical support provided
  • All users must acknowledge and accept the risk in using public networks and be responsible to safeguard against the possible risk such as hacking, identity theft, virus infection, etc
  • All users must agree not to use the service in violation of any laws or regulations applicable from time to time or to misuse the service in any manner deemed inappropriate by Raffles Hospital
  • Raffles Hospital shall not be liable for any loss of damage arising from the use of this service
  • Raffles Hospital reserves the right to terminate any connection at any time due to breach or non-compliance of the terms and conditions referred above which are applicable to the users at all times
  • Raffles Hospital reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions stated above without prior notice.