Paediatric Sleep Care Package

Does your child:

  • Resist going to bed?
  • Have difficulty falling asleep at bedtime?
  • Need a parent around to fall asleep or during night wakes?
  • Need to be nursed or fed to fall asleep?
  • Have multiple or prolonged night wakes?
  • Have short naps?
  • Wake up too early in the morning?
  • Snore loudly or have difficulty breathing during sleep?
  • Have very restless sleep?

Do you wonder:

  • If your child is getting enough sleep?
  • If sleep training is suitable for your child?

Sleep is important for your child to grow and learn well. If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your child may be experiencing sleep problems. About 20 to 30 per cent of children have sleep problems that are behavioural in nature. Others could be due to underlying medical reasons.

For young children (four months old and above) with identified behavioural sleep problems, our paediatricians are trained in creating and guiding families through personalised sleep plans. This includes setting up healthy sleep foundations, age-appropriate daily schedules, choosing suitable sleep training method(s), and troubleshooting short naps, early wakes, and other common scenarios.

Paediatric Sleep Care Package: $540 (inclusive of GST)

Initial Consultation (20 to 30min), including:

  • Evaluation of sleep problems
  • Medical assessment to ensure suitability for sleep training
  • Discussion on family’s preferences and goals regarding sleep

Caregivers will be requested to:

  • Complete a sleep questionnaire
  • Submit pictures and/or videos of the child’s sleep environment(s)
  • Submit a 3-day detailed log of the child’s sleep, feedings, activities, and moods

Personalised Sleep Plan

Based on the above information, our paediatrician will create a personalised sleep plan within a week. The plan will include the following details:

  • Summary of identified sleep issues
  • Healthy sleep foundations
  • Suggested age-appropriate daily schedule
  • Sleep training method(s) chosen
  • Nap training
  • Common scenarios and solutions (e.g. short naps, early wakes)

A 30-min follow-up consultation to go through the sleep plan in detail

This service is only available at Raffles Juniors at Raffles Holland V.

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