Women’s Wellness Plan


The Raffles Women’s Wellness Plan is tailored with the modern women’s growing needs in mind. This holistic screen is meant for women at various stages of life to help you manage your well-being with grace and confidence.

Upon completion of all assessments, our doctor will review your detailed medical report and recommend suitable lifestyle adjustments.

Detail Medical History        
  • Existing and Past Medical History
  • Systematic Review
  • Family and Social History
Physical Parameters Measurement
  • Height , Weight & BMI 
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Assessment - Blood Pressure & Pulse
Physical Examination by Doctor        
  • Respiratory System Assessment 
  • Abdomen Examination
  • Breast Examination 
  • Mammography or Ultrasound Breast (either one)
  • Pelvis
Haematological Tests
  • Complete Blood Count  
Kidney Function   
  • Urinalysis (Biochemistry & Microscopy)
Bone Metabolism
  • Phosphate
  • Calcium
Cervical Screening
  • Cervix - Pap Smear
  • HPV subtype

Medical Report and Follow Up Consultation

​Optional items recommended By Doctor (not included in the package)

  • HPV Vaccination