Creates Customised Solutions to Meet Your Corporate Needs

Raffles Medical Group customises solutions to meet your corporate needs. As a leading integrated private healthcare provider in Asia, we operate an integrated healthcare ecosystem that delivers first class clinical and service quality to all.

Corporate Services


Primary Care

We support government initiative and schemes - you can utlise them at our clinics if you are eligible.

Specialist Care

Specialist Care

At Raffles Hospital, we provide a wide selection of room types catering to different needs of our patients. We are equipped with 12 operating theatres, day surgery, ICU, NICU, and advanced diagnostic and medical techonology services. Raffles Hospital is the sole private hospital running the Trauma Centre accredited under the Emergency Care Collaboration Scheme.

Raffles Hospital - Inpatient Services

Inpatient Care

Recognised as the sole private hospital Trauma Centre, Emergency Care Collaboration Scheme. Provides diverse room choices, NICU, 12 operating theatres, day surgery, ICU, and advanced radiology services.

Preventive care

Preventive Health

Focus on early disease detection through screening and intervention programmes.

Raffles Connect our healthcare app, avails you a full continuum of health and wellness services (at your finger tip).

Health insurance corporate services

Health Insurance

Raffles Health Insurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RMG and a leading healthcare insurance specialist.

It provides fully integrated and seamless coordinated care through our network of clinics and hospital.



Raffles Health offers a full range of nutraceutical products and supplements to meet your nutritional needs. These are available at our pharmacy and online store, along with a variety of personal and beauty products.

third party administration

Third Party Administration

We have a strong record in managing client costs through efficient design and administration of healthcare benefits. Our Third Party Administration (TPA) service ensures compliance with medical schemes by managing all claims and benefits.

corporate healthcare management and advisory

Corporate Health & Healthcare Management Advice

The Corporate Services team provides customised healthcare services to meet your needs. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to render assistance where required.

Ready to Serve Your Corporate Healthcare Needs

The Corporate Services team is well-equipped to serve all your corporate healthcare needs. We are supported by our senior management, medical and operations teams to ensure that your queries and feedback are addressed immediately.

Mental well-being survey for your employee wellness

Enhance employee well-being with our comprehensive Mental Well-being Survey, conducted during health screenings. Crafted from clinically validated questionnaires, this survey provides insights into mental health status, empowering employees with personalised support based on identified risk levels.

Mental Well-being Survey

Health talk organised by Raffles Medical health care professionals

Experience our team's comprehensive Health Talks, a cornerstone of our wellness provision. These sessions, available in both virtual and face-to-face formats, are meticulously tailored to meet your company's specific requirements. Delivered by experts, they ensure employees acquire invaluable knowledge tailored to their demographic profiles and current medical trends.

Health Talks

Raffles Medical Group mediaccess for HR and employee

The MediAccess portal provides the HR team with autonomy to manage employees who are enrolled in the company’s employee benefit scheme. This portal is conceptualised and developed by our own IT team, ensuring the security and integrity of data.

MediAccess for HR and Employees

Raffles Wellness inapp Raffles Connect

Raffles Wellness is a specially curated and individualised in-app wellness programme that aims to enable members to live healthily across four wellness dimensions – physical, social, mental and intellectual.

Raffles Wellness

Raffles Connect app

Raffles Connect is a healthcare platform that offers you a full continuum of health services. With the app, you can video consult a Raffles doctor, make medical appointments, stay updated with your personal records, and purchase health supplements and services. What's more, through the "Health Advisor" you can also be empowered with the know-how of staying healthy and get tips on preparing for your next overseas trip.

Raffles Connect App

Featured Insights

Modular-health-screening- Raffles Medical Group

Modular Health Screening – A Tailored Wellness Solution for Personalised Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed caused dramatic shifts within the healthcare industry, emphasizing on the need for preventive medicine and personalisation of health screening services. Raffles Medical Group has responded to this change by introducing Modular Health Screening packages, which are meticulously designed to meet these evolving needs and cater for the diverse and specific health preferences of individuals.

Client’s Testimonials

“exemplifies excellence, blending expertise and empathy to foster trust and assurance”

Raffles Medical Group consistently delivers good healthcare solutions to our specific needs at Carlton Hotel, ensuring the well-being of our staff, emergency medical assistance, and specialised consultations.

Their team of dedicated medical professionals exemplifies excellence, blending expertise and empathy to foster trust and assurance.

Raffles Medical Group’s efficient and reliable support significantly contributes to the smooth operation of our establishment, providing swift responses for a safe and secure environment.

Kueh Siang Noi (Ms), Director of Human Resource, Carlton Hotel

“pivotal in addressing our queries and ensuring a seamless experience for our employees”

RMG has been our key partner in managing Seagate’s outpatient healthcare programmes. They have been a collaborative partner to deliver customised healthcare solutions tailored to our diverse group of employees.

The account management team has been pivotal in addressing our queries and ensuring a seamless experience for our employees. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Chng Siok Wei (Ms), Manager, Total Rewards, People and Places, Seagate

“RMG’s unwavering customer focus and support has strengthened our partnership through the years”

Our journey with RMG started with the airport clinic back in 2007. Since then, our partnership grew to include claims administration and medical insurance. RMG’s unwavering customer focus and support has strengthened our partnership through the years of growing operational complexities, the global Covid pandemic and business transformation and growth.

Tan Chee Wei (Ms), Chief Human Capital Officer, SATS Ltd

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