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Health screening is essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions. The stresses of our lifestyles and modern living as well as your family medical history may have adverse impact on your health by predisposing you to silent killers such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers. Here at Raffles, we aim to provide the best health screening experience with full body medical checkups to detect diseases and addresses the potential risks early.

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Your Guide to Health Screening Tests

Learn more about the tests in our various health screening packages and whether you need them.

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Our Health Screening Packages at a Glance

Compare and understand the prices and features of all our enhanced health screening packages to find the one catered to your budget, needs and gender.

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Lab Tests Only Packages

Enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to your health screening. If you only need a quick screening with laboratory analysis and a medical report, we have the perfect packages for you.

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Vitamin and minerals screenings for a healthier you

Humans need a certain daily intake of vitamins and minerals. However, how would you know if you are consuming enough? Our team at Raffles Medical Group is here to assist you and identify the right vitamins and minerals your body needs.

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Featured Packages

Raffles Classic 2024

Manage and control potential health risks with Raffles Classic – find out more about key health indicators like blood sugar and cholesterol profiling among others.

Raffles Lifestyle 2024

Raffles Lifestyle offers additional screenings for a more comprehensive overview of your health status and needs.

Raffles Deluxe Plus

Tailored health assessments by gender, this screening includes options for ultrasounds and mammograms along with screening for tumour markers specifically liver (AFP) and colon (CEA).

Raffles Executive

With assessments personalised for both genders, Raffles Executive health screening packages aim to help ascertain health risks that may come with age such as cardiovascular and various cancer diseases.

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Colonoscopy Screening with AI

GI Genius since 2021, an artificial intelligence (AI) module that enhances the accuracy of colonoscopy. Helps endoscopists and specialists evaluate the entire colon with more precision.

Flash Glucose Monitoring Package

The Raffles Flash Glucose Monitoring Package takes a holistic approach in managing your blood sugar level. This comprises of consultation sessions with our medical experts to manage your lifestyle and diet.

Fertility Test for Couples

Raffles Fertility Assessment for Couples is a great starting point for couples to evaluate their fertility health and determine any underlying issues that may cause infertility.

Gastroscopy Screening

Are you experiencing difficulty when swallowing, heart burn symptoms, prolonged upper abdominal pain or nausea and vomting? Find out more.

Premier Centre

Premier wellness assessment centre

with amenities designed with the hopes to bring you the best health screening experience in Singapore.

Personalised Service

Personalised service

from our dedicated team of healthcare professionals who provide health screening services tailored to the needs of all individual as well as corporate organisations.

Customisable Packages and Reports

Customisable packages and reports

of your medical checkups provided and reviewed in private consultation with your doctor who will also provide you with suitable recommendations.