Love Your Bones Raffles Health supports World Osteoporosis Day!

Do you know the 2 critical nutrients for bones?
Fill in your calcium and Vit D gaps with Raffles supplements to keep your bones strong as you age.

Happy Children's Day from Raffles Health!

Support your kids' nutrition with our KIDDS vitamin range, specially formulated for children using quality ingredients to ensure they get the nutritional goodness they need.

Find your suitable package

If you are still unsure of which health screening package to take up, or wish to enquire for your family and friends, we have an online tool that will be able to help you decide!

Stay protected during the haze season

Protect yourself from breathing in the harmful haze particles and support your body's immune system against the haze's potential harmful health effects.

Durians: How Good (or Bad) is it for You?

Besides being known as the King of Fruits, do you know that durian is a super fruit as well? Find out all about the health benefits of durians here.

Raffles Flash Glucose Monitoring Package

Check your blood sugar conveniently and discreetly with the Raffles Flash Glucose Monitoring Package. It includes a Freestyle Libre Reader and Sensor, as well as consultation sessions with our endocrinologist and dietitian.

Raffles Specialist Centre is operational!

Find out which specialist outpatient centres have shifted to Raffles Specialist Centre.

Protect Yourself from the Flu

Even healthy individuals get the flu too! The most effective way of guarding against the influenza virus is to get vaccinated annually. Protect yourself today.