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Update on Old Wives’ Tales

There is a whole range of stories surrounding the topic of pregnancy. These myths or old wives tales as some would call them, ensure that you are kept on your toes throughout the entire pregnancy period. Hear from our experts to ascertain those that you can simply dismiss. 

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Pregnancy Complications

Every pregnancy is different. While everyone wishes for a smooth sailing journey, some may experience otherwise. Our experts share more on the symptoms of pregnancy complications, essential screening tests and how to cope with the disappointment after a miscarriage.

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Health Screening for My Babe

Foetal diagnostics allow doctors to screen your unborn child for potential health problems and physical defects. Parents who find out earlier are better able to cope with the potential stress involved. Your doctor can also better manage your pregnancy to ensure that you would have a smooth delivery.
Women of all ages, and not just those aged 35 and above, should consider screening for ease of mind as many abnormalities in the babies are random events and hence could not be easily identified by factors such as age or family history.

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