LASIK Surgery

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Cataracts Examination

Visual Acuity Test, Dilated Eye Exam, Tonometry Test

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LASIK Surgery

Cataracts Examination

From screening for myopia to cataract surgery, we provide a full range of medical and surgical services. Individual attention is accorded to all our patients, be it a routine check-up, procedure, extended or emergency care.

Our ophthalmologists, together with optometrists and opticians, provide both routine and complex care for patients of all ages who have eye diseases or vision disorders.

  • General ophthalmology conditions (Eye blurring, redness, itchiness, discomfort, dryness and eyelid swelling)
  • Ocular emergencies (Eye trauma and eye foreign body)
  • Cataract surgery (Toric and multifocal lens implants)
  • Contact lenses complications and fitting
  • Refractive surgery (LASIK / PRK)
  • Corneal disease management (Corneal ulcer, keratoconus, inherited corneal dystrophy)
  • Corneal surgery (Pterygium, corneal transplantation, collagen cross linking)
  • Diabetic eye screening and diabetic retinopathy management
  • Retinal disease management (Floaters and age related macular degeneration)
  • Retinal surgery (Retinal tears and retinal detachment)
  • Glaucoma screening and management
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Refractive error and progressive myopia management (Myopia control)
  • Paediatric ophthalmology and amblyopia (Lazy eye)
  • Adult and paediatric strabismus management and surgery (Double vision, eye misalignment)
  • Comprehensive eye health and high myopia screening
  • Industrial laser licensing and driving license screening
  • Aviation licensing eye examination and management

For Industrial licensing screening appointment, select "Specialist Appointment", under purpose of visit select “Ophthalmology”. State the licence requirements in the “Remarks”.