Colour blindness

Colour blindness


My brother is colour blind while me (I am a female) and my sisters all have normal vision. Based on this, it appears that my mum has a recessive gene for colour blindness. Is there any ways for me to find out if I am a carrier of this gene? Also, is there any cure for colour blindness?


Colour blindness may be a hereditary condition or caused by disease of the optic nerve or retina. Inherited colour blindness is most common, affects both eyes, and does not worsen over time. This type is found in about eight per cent of males and 0.4 per cent of females.

Photoreceptors called cones allow us to appreciate colour. These are concentrated in the very center of the retina and contain three photosensitive pigments: red, green and blue. Those with defective colour vision have a deficiency or absence in one or more of these pigments.

The symptoms of colour blindness are dependent on several factors, such as whether the problem is congenital, acquired, partial, or complete. The most common is red green colour blindness.