Myopia In One Eye



My 10-year-old daughter has myopia only in one eye. She tried using spectacles with single vision lenses but complained that it gave her a headache. Now, she refuses to wear her spectacles. What will happen to my daughter’s vision if she continues this? Can anything help her overcome the discomfort of the imbalance?


Myopia is fast becoming the most serious problem to our children and many concerned parents are worried about their children’s eye condition. Good reading habits and eye care with frequent short breaks to the eyes after near work would certainly help the child. Myopia control in fast progressing myopia may also be possible using eye drops although this has to be administered by eye doctors.

With regard to your daughter’s eye condition, there are two possibilities why she refuse to wear spectacles. The power of the spectacles may be wrongly prescribed, giving rise to eye strain, blur vision and headache. It may also be the weight of the spectacle weighing on her ears and mastoid bone behind, causing discomfort. Very low myopia of less than 100 degree may not need to wear spectacles full-time if they have no lazy eyes. However, during classes when the child need to look at the white or green board, wearing spectacles would certainly help to prevent straining the eyes.

I would suggest that you recheck her glasses’ power and her vision with an optometrist to address her symptoms. Power difference of less than 300 degree usually does not give rise to imbalance.