Raffles Flash Glucose Monitoring Package

Manage diabetes with data and medical experts

Diabetes Facts and Figures

Diabetes has been a rising health problem globally, including Singapore

rising health problem

According to National Health Survey 2010National Health Survey 2010

Complications of DiabetesComplications of Diabetes

Flash Glucose Monitoring DeviceFor diabetics, fluctuations in your blood sugar level due to diet and lifestyle may increase your risk of diabetes-related complications. However, it may not always be convenient to monitor your blood sugar regularly using a traditional glucometer, lancet, and blood test strip.

The Raffles Flash Glucose Monitoring Package takes a holistic approach in managing your blood sugar level. This comprises of consultation sessions with our medical experts to manage your lifestyle and diet.

You will also receive an Abbott Freestyle Libre Reader and Sensor, which makes measuring your blood sugar level more convenient.

Together with our medical experts, you can better fine-tune your diabetes management plan to keep your blood sugar level under control.

This package contains:

  • One HbA1c test
  • Consultation with endocrinologist
  • Consultation with dietitian
  • One Freestyle Libre Reader
  • One Freestyle Libre Sensor

Package Features


Suitable for diabetics and people with a family history of diabetes or at a high risk of diabetes.

Freestyle Libre Reader and Sensor

The Freestyle Libre Reader and Sensor eliminates the use of a glucometer, lancet and blood test strip, which makes checking your blood glucose level more convenient.

minimises broken skin

This method minimises broken skin from constant pricking and allows the monitoring of your blood glucose level to be more discreet and regular.

Freestyle Libre Reader

The Freestyle Libre Reader will show your current blood glucose level reading, blood glucose data for the past eight hours, and the trend of your blood glucose level.


Our medical experts will tailor your diabetes management plan to keep your diabetes under control based on the trend of your blood glucose levels:

  • Our endocrinologists will help manage your diabetes care plan according to your needs.
  • Our dietitians will work with you to develop a diet plan to ensure you get the proper nutrition, while keeping your blood glucose levels in check.

Terms and Conditions

  • Price quoted is inclusive of GST.
  • Not suitable for children aged four years and below.
  • Items in the package are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, including unutilised portions.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

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