Modular Health Screening – A Tailored Wellness Solution for Personalised Care

meticulously designed to meet these evolving needs


The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled more individuals to look for preventive care with greater emphasis on healthcare personalisation, such as health screening. Raffles Medical Group has responded to this shift in patient behaviour by introducing Modular Health Screening packages, which are meticulously designed to meet these evolving needs and for catering the diverse and specific health preferences of individuals.

Modular Health Screening

Our Modular Health Screening allows individuals to select from a range of tailored modules that address specific health concerns relevant to their unique circumstances or family history. At the core of this is versatility and customisation. We break down health screening into bite-sized components so that individuals have the flexibility to tailor their screening experience according to their age, gender, medical history, lifestyle, and health objectives.

We believe that our Modular Health Screening provides a more targeted assessment for individuals who prioritise screenings based on their health profiles. Such an approach enhances the relevance and effectiveness of health screenings for certain people. It also promotes a deeper sense of stewardship in one’s healthcare journey by allowing one to select health screening modules that align closer to one’s health goals. Raffles Medical Group’s modular framework also has the advantage of cost effectiveness since individuals are selecting modules relevant only to them.

Each module of our tailored Modular Health Screening framework is designed to target specific aspects of health concerns in today’s fast-paced world, ranging from cardiovascular health to cancer screenings. For instance, the Heart Risk Module caters to cardiovascular concerns, particularly for those with a family history of heart disease. This focused approach enables individuals to address their unique health risks and concerns, and this can therefore facilitate early detection and intervention if necessary.

Traditional Health Screening

For an individual who has a broader range of concerns, or prefers more extensive health screening, our traditional comprehensive health screening package may be more suitable. Traditional health screening packages generally involve a standardised list of tests covering a wide range of health indicators. These tests follow a predetermined protocol and provide a broad overview of an individual's health status, which is useful for detecting common medical issues. This type of screening is designed to assess various health parameters at once, offering a snapshot that can help identify an individual’s general state of health.

For people who prioritise preventive care, health screenings are essential because they provide a clear picture of potential health risks, which aids in early detection and management of health conditions. This early insight allows individuals to understand their health status better, make informed decisions, and take proactive steps towards managing and mitigating potential health issues. Moreover, these screenings can offer reassurance and peace of mind for those who are concerned about their health; serving as a foundational element of preventive healthcare.

Modular Health Screening



Health and Disease Targeted




The Importance of Health Screening

Considering the data from the Ministry of Health, which highlights cancer and heart diseases as leading causes of mortality, the importance of health screening truly cannot be overstated. Whether one chooses traditional or modular health screening, maintaining regular checkups is paramount for safeguarding our overall well-being.

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