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Health is Wealth

Prevention. Detection. Intervention. Enhancement

Preventive health screening is essential for the early detection of diseases and underlying medical conditions and it makes a difference between relatively simple treatments and life threatening complications.

At Raffles Medical Hong Kong, our comprehensive health packages for both men and women of different ages, help you take control of your well-being and manage potential health risks in order for you to stay in the pink of health.

Our health packages are available at our conveniently located medical centres in Queen’s Road Central and Hong Kong International Airport. Our team of friendly doctors will review with you on your family medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits. Together with the screening results, they will advise you on the health risks and necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and diets.

Our packages include the following:


Lifestyle Health Screening Package (HK) Raffles Lifestyle is a baseline health screening package tailored for those who want to start taking control of their health and well-being. It covers important…

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Raffles Comprehensive is recommended to ascertain the health risks that may come with age. It screens for the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and cancers such as prostate cancer in…

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Deluxe Health Screening Package (HK) Raffles Deluxe is an enhancement of the Raffles Comprehensive package and is designed to maintain the health of men and women in the prime of…

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Raffles Premium caters for those approaching the golden years when early detection of risks and degenerative diseases could help prevent health conditions from escalating further and therefore, enhancing quality of…

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Cancer Screening Plan

Many cancers are asymptomatic. Therefore, early detection improves the chances of recovery. The Raffles Cancer Screening Plan checks for cancer or conditions that may lead to cancer in order to…

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Pre-Marital Screening

Raffles Pre-marital is an essential test for couples prior to making marriage plans. These tests are designed to identify potential health problems, hereditary conditions and infections that may have an…

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Infectious Disease Screening

The importance of sexual health has increasingly recognized. Common sexual transmitted diseases are covered in the package including Hepatitis B Screening and HIV test. Make an Appointment Infectious Disease Screening…

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Women’s Wellness Plan

The Raffles Women’s Wellness Plan is tailored with the modern women’s growing needs in mind. This holistic screen is meant for women at various stages of life to help you…

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Smart Women’s Wellness Plan

Make an Appointment HK$2,500 (for Ultrasound Breast) HK$3,980 (for 3D Mammography) Upon completion of all assessments, our doctor will review your detailed medical report and recommend suitable lifestyle adjustments. Detail…

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Safe T21 Express (T21) Test (Standard)

Make an Appointment HK$5,180 Safe T21 Express (T21) Test adopts the latest and patented Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) technology for the screening of fetal chromosomal aneuploidies. The test utilizes Next…

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