Booth Activities

5 May: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
6 May: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Activities, workshops, classes and talk may be subject to change. Visit this page for updates.

Bringing the best of Eastern and Western medicine together, Raffles Chinese Medicine boasts a team of bilingual Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians registered with the TCM practitioners Board in Singapore. Offering a diverse range of TCM treatments, including herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion and more, Raffles Chinese Medicine provides patients with the benefits of TCM administered safely and in accordance to modern quality standards.


Activity: Understand your health conditions according to TCM health principles and gain a greater insight into how TCM can help not only with current ailments but also how TCM can help bolster your overall health on your journey to wellness with a TCM Health Assessment conducted on site.


Raffles Counselling Centre

Staffed with a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, Raffles Counselling centre provides care in the form of therapy and medication for a range of family and individual issues. Key services provided by the centre include General, Child and Adolescent and Geriatric Psychiatry, Family and Individual counselling, psychotherapy and group therapy.


Activity: Connect and express your inner self with an guided Art Therapy Session by our Therapists on site and learn more about how you can learn to cope better with confounding situations and resolve issues with the help of therapy.

From general eye screening for myopia to cataract surgery and LASIK, Raffles Eye Centre provides a comprehensive suite of services that can cater to the individual needs of those with vision issues. Our panel of Ophthalmologists, together with our in-house team of Optometrists, Orthoptist and Optician, can provide routine and complex care for patients of all ages who have eye diseases and vision disorders.


Activity: Have the intraocular pressure (IOP) of your eye measured with a complimentary, quick non-invasive tonometry test. With a short puff of air into the eye, ocular tonometry is often used to measure the risk for glaucoma as increased, untreated eye pressure can impact the optic nerve and lead to vision loss.



Raffles Medical

Conveniently located at over 40 locations island wide, Raffles Medical’s primary care clinics provide care for patients of all ages for both acute and chronic conditions, vaccinations and health screening.


Activity: Have your BMI, glucose and blood pressure checked at our quick screening stations. Based on your test results, get recommendations on the management of your conditions. Input this information into the Raffles Wellness programme to understand how well you rank on the Raffles Health Index and what you can do to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Working with you to achieve your physical goals and achieve symptom free independent living, Raffles Rehabilitation Centre is there for you with our friendly team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Podiatrists.


Activity: Does working at your desk cause pain or discomfort? Do you get frequent neck or back aches? Office ergonomics may be at play. Join us for a balancing assessment and learn more about how you can optimize your workplace for well-being and pain free productivity.


Helmed by a team of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Raffles Skin and Aesthetic centre offers a range of medical dermatology, aesthetic skin treatment and aesthetic plastic surgery to help you be and feel the best you can.


Activity: Learn about the different types of sun protection available for different skin types and age groups and find out what you need given your own unique skin type and lifestyle.

Raffles Health Insurance

Raffles Health Insurance (“RHI”) started out with health insurance for corporates. With the opening of the Singaporean Health Insurance market allowing private health insurers to offer Integrated Shield Plans, RHI saw it their duty to offer the Singaporean people Health Insurance that is easy to understand, easy to subscribe to and easy to claim from.

The Raffles medical doctors wanted to make an insurance company that focused first and foremost on people’s true medical care needs and explaining it in words that everybody can understand – RHI became the logical answer.


Activity: Finance proofing your health is more than just adequate health coverage. Just like healthcare, prevention is better than cure.

Talk to our Raffles Health Advisors for a formal Health Needs Analysis, where we will assess you based on your Lifestyle, your health status and your health coverage.

Be made aware of the gaps you have in your health and wellness journey so that you can be proactive in addressing them.

Raffles Wellness Partner Aboocha

Aboocha - Food & Beverage

Producing healthy Kombucha in a safe and hygienic space compliant to maintain the highest quality food safety standards, Aboocha (a play on the name “Ah Boo” or “mother” and Kombucha), retails 100% natural and sustainable Kombucha in small handcrafted batches.


Activity: Create your own Kombucha mocktail with any purchase of $40 and above, pairing them with healthier choice soda and cordial substitutes.

Care Health - Technology

Raffles Connect is a healthcare platform, powered by CareHealth, that offers a wide range of services from teleconsultation to health screening, and physiotherapy sessions. With the app, you can stay updated with your personal health records, and access a full suite of health services. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to help.


Activity: Come visit our booth and join us for some exciting activities for a chance to win exciting prizes! Our team will be available at the event to answer questions you may have on Raffles Connect and the Raffles Wellness programme. Don't miss out on the fun and stop by our booth!

care raffles connect world health day 2024
Raffles Wellness Partner HaflongTea

Haflong Tea - Food & Beverage

A Singapore brand, specialising in curating rich and aromatic blends, made possible only by processing handpicked high-quality tea leaves. In addition to their emphasis on quality taste and flavour, they take pride in adding a touch of uniqueness whilst respecting the tradition and heritage of the teas. Down to the details, the aesthetic is meticulously managed to bring you a special experience. ​

With a strong supply chain of teas coming from the top tea producing countries, Haflong Tea is available from Singapore to anywhere in the world.


Activity: Come sample a range of unique teas and be mesmerized by the effects of good-quality tea. Learn more about how tea impacts your health and mental well-being.

REVIVE - Food & Beverage

REVIVE makes delicious and healthy snacks using natural ingredients like whole nuts, whole grains, fruits, and spices.


Activity: Looking to add a little pep to your step in the morning? Look no further than the mouth-watering selection of granolas, overnight oats, and natural nut butters from these breakfast wizards. And if you're not convinced yet, don't worry - they're offering samples too. Don't settle for a bland breakfast or snack when you can start your day off with a bang. Give their products a try and transform your breakfast or snack game from meh to magnificent!

Raffles Wellness Partner REVIVE
Yui Taie Trading Company Raffles Wellness Weekend Partner

Yu Taie Trading - Food & Beverage

Not an ordinary food store, it's an exclusive food boutique of clean foods made easy for you and me, showcasing Singapore’s best brands for Clean eating (and drinking!)

We are a team of people with different types of food allergies and diet restrictions, trained in international food safety management systems, food nutrition and plant-based foods.

Yu Taie teams up with like-minded local brands, sourcing for products that are safe, quality and of sustainable sources. No preservatives, no additives, no artificial seasoning, just all-natural goodness!

Our products are sourced by professionals, developed with the best, curated with you in mind


Activity: [Live Stations] Enjoy exclusive drinks made on site not found anywhere in Singapore by Base Coffee and noomoö, curated just for the Wellness Weekend or have a bowl of organic and gluten- free açai / granola bowl filled with natural goodness, or pop a few freshly made energy balls by Oatberry Café for a boost of clean and happy energy! Capture the moment at our feature wall and receive freebies.*

Sample all the products within the food boutiQue, enjoy free delivery for your purchases^

*While stocks last.  ^Min. purchase of $50.00

Metta Welfare Association - Community Partners

Founded in 1992, Metta is dedicated to delivering social service programmes for individuals and families by collaborating with donors, partners, vendors and community organisations.


Activity: Mummies and daddies, let your child try their hand at batik-painting! In addition, buy healthy eggless cookies and contribute to a good cause.


Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) - Community Partners

SADeaf promotes and manages all aspects of the welfare of the deaf in Singapore.

SADeaf advocates equal opportunity, in all aspects, for the deaf and hard of hearing, supporting them to reach their full potential.


Activity: Learn more on the various programmes SA Deaf runs, such as Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) courses, and the Little Hands Bilingual Bicultural Programme. Understand how as an individual, you can help the deaf to be integrated into society.

Join the sessions on 5 and 6 May and pick up simple sign language.

About the scent wellness partner

About the Scent - Self-Care

Hand-poured in small batches, About the Scent’s candles use all-natural soy wax, infused with phthalate-free fragrance oils, and are handmade with love.

Here at About the Scent, the candles are designed to soothe the ever-so-busy mind. They help you calm down, relax, and re-energise. They can even help you focus and be more productive. Simply light one up, and immerse yourself in the relaxing fragrances.


Check out our selection of scented candles and make tranquility and inner peace a new normal in your daily life. Experience the goodness of handmade candles derived from natural ingredients.

Luxe Botanics - Skincare

LUXE Botanics is an eco-luxury, clean skincare line that supports skin health naturally, powered by potent botanicals from Africa to the Amazon and leading edge green chemistry. Created by biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, discover multi award winning green skincare that delivers truly lasting results, 1 of only 20 brands in the world to be CosmEthically ACTIVE certified verifying efficacy, ethics and natural origin of our ingredients.


Activity: Browse from a wide range of skincare products, learn more about your skin and find out which unique botanical can address your specific skin concerns, from acne to eczema, hyperpigmentation to scars and more.

Raffles Wellness Partner Luxe Botanics
Wing Joo Loong 365

365 by Wing Joo Loong - Everyday Wellness

365 offers convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of TCM herbs. From ready-to-consume boosters to ready-to-dunk infusions, our products are superpacked with ginseng, bird's nest and more to deliver your daily dose of TCM herbs. For wellness all around, and a better 365 of days.


Activity: Curate your own herbal infusion gift set which includes a limited edition handpainted Sulong the tiger mug lid.

SafeExpanse - Counselling

Safe Expanse provides counselling and therapy services for children, teenagers and adults to address and improve emotional, behavioural and relationship challenges.


Activity: Mental wellness may be a topic that is hard to broach and understand.

Learn tidbits and have deeper conversations with Safe Expanse on how counselling and therapy can help to improve you or your child's mental and emotional wellbeing leading to better effectiveness and overall health.

Raffles Wellness Partner Safe Expanse
Raffles Wellness Partner Platinum Fitness

Platinum Fitness - Fitness

Premium 24-hour gym with three locations operating in the central areas of Singapore.


Activity: InBody 270 machine for Inbody Scan - Wonder how much muscle-fat you have in various parts of your body? The Inbody Scan provides a personal analysis, with comparisons to similar body types.

Virgin Active - Fitness

At Virgin Active, you get irresistible exercise experiences with your favourite classes, premium workout spaces and world-class coaches. What’s more? Enjoy the Himalayan Salt Inhalation Rooms, Sleep Pods, Ice Rooms, Steam Rooms, Indoor Heated Lap Pool, Hydrotherapy Spa Pool and Experiential Showers, exclusively at our Relax and Recovery Zone.


Activity: Visit Virgin Active’s booth to find out how you can kickstart your own fitness journey, or curate corporate wellness programmes for your company. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes too!

Raffles Wellness Partner Virgin Active
Raffles Wellness Partner JR Fitness

JR Fitness - Fitness

JR Fitness is a one-stop fitness service provider, offering over 80 dance and fitness classes / week across three locations.


Activity: Join JR Fitness’s instructors over two-days as they raise your energy levels with various classes like Zumba Fitness, K-Kardio Dance, BodyCombat and Pilates.

Kelly Oriental TCM - Chinese Medicine

Kelly Oriental TCM marries the powers of nature and advanced scientific technology to meet the needs of individuals.


Activity: Know more about the various services and their benefits, from spa, to facials to TCM treatments.

Raffles Wellness Partner Kelly Oriental
Raffles Wellness Partner Garmin

Garmin - Technology

Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin products have revolutionized life for runners, cyclists, swimmers and athletes of all levels and abilities. Committed to developing technology that helps people stay active and elevate performance, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.


Activity: Find out how Garmin smart wearables can help you to improve and monitor your health! Track your activity levels, stress and even see how your sleep affects your day. Hear from National marathon runner Serena Teoh on how the watch supports her training as well as her daily life!

Gamarde, dermocosmetic skin care - Skincare

A French dermocosmetic skin care designed for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. Made with Gamarde-les-bains Thermal Spring Water, which was recognized by the French Academy of Medicine in 1841. Certified organic and made of natural origin.


Activity: Learn more about Gamarde-les-bains Thermal Spring Water and explore the extensive range of skin care products on offer.

Wellness Partner Gamarde
Gracious Goodness x Supravit

Gracious Goodness x Supravit® - Food & Beverage

Gracious Goodness is all about healthy snacking with a focus on quality all-natural food products. we’re committed to sourcing wisely and creating products that are honest, pure, and free from harmful additives. Our snacks provide a natural, nutritious, and delicious option that everyone can enjoy. For general well-being, Supravit® is a range of effervescent multivitamins curated for the entire family and contains the vitamins needed for a healthier you.


Activity: Healthy snacks for the busy and adventurous. Join the crowd with us and sample a range of unique, healthy, and delicious freeze-dried snacks with NO preservatives, additives, flavourings, or added sugar. We are keeping our products 100% natural.

Scoop Wholefoods, Singapore - Food & Beverage

With the objective to make natural and organic wholefoods more affordable, Scoop Wholefoods Singapore offers Australia's most unique range of products, sourcing from Australia's best growers and importing the world's best produce.


Activity: Sample some of the best products on offer ranging from chocolate coated sultanas to soy crisps and even a nut mix blend.

Scoop wholefoods Raffles Wellness Weekend Partner
Smart Snacks

Smart Snacks Pte Ltd - Food & Beverage

Bringing you great tasting healthier alternatives that will power your body and mind, no matter how hectic your life gets.


Activity: A healthy assortment of snacks from renowned brands Sugarless, Lecka and Chocxo will be on display for you to learn more and even bring some home.