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Raffles Juniors is a paediatric service dedicated to parents. Being parents ourselves, our team of paediatricians are ready to provide advice and specialty care for your child's physical and developmental needs. Our aim is to walk with you through the highs and lows of parenting, and ensure your Junior grows up healthy and happy. 

Why Choose Us


Experienced paediatricians who have walked through the parenting journey and care about yours as well.


Extended hours on weekends and evenings dedicated for working parents.


Continuum of care spanning from urgent care to managing chronic conditions, developmental assessment and advice as well as mother-care support and vaccinations.

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Our Services

Urgent Care and Common Childhood Conditions

Falling sick can be a distressing experience for your Junior as well as Mummy and Daddy. Raffles Juniors paediatricians are well equipped to assess and treat common childhood illnesses such as fever, rashes, diarrhoea, constipation and any worry that may come your way.

Infant and Newborn Care

Alleviate any concerns on your baby and his/her well-being during your early steps of parenting. Our experienced paediatricians can help to do a thorough assessment of your child and work with you on any problems you may be facing with your baby.

Baby and Child Vaccination

Raffles Juniors offers Singapore schedule vaccinations, additional vaccines such as influenza, as well as many other optional vaccines for global travellers, all performed by experienced paediatricians.

Atopic Conditions

If your child has a sensitive nose, skin, or wheezes frequently, he or she may be displaying signs of allergy. Allergy consultations and tests for children are available at Raffles Juniors.

Developmental and Behavioural Assessment

Your child’s development through the various phases of growing up is just as important to us. Our paediatricians are able to work with you to identify any signs of delayed development, support you through your child’s milestones and provide practical advice on parenting and behavioural strategies.

Nutritional Assessment

Is your child a picky eater, or not gaining enough weight? Our paediatricians can help assess your child’s nutrition and growth and provide you with practical feeding advice.


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