Memories Café

Originated in Europe, the Memories Café sessions are now running in many countries around the world today. This concept was remodelled after the Alzheimer’s Café Programme.

Each café session lasts for two hours. During the first hour, people with dementia (PWD), will engage in performing arts activities with their caregivers such as singing, quartet performances, puppetry, story-telling, drumming and dance movement and drama activities. In the later part of the session, refreshments are served apart from the social interactions with PWD, caregivers, volunteers, staff and café diners. This social interaction provides a platform for all to mingle and create an inclusive environment for PWD and caregivers.

The Memories Café programme satisfies three key objectives: 

  • Serving as a casual social interaction platform for PWD as well as their caregivers.
  • Raising public awareness of dementia.
  • Dampening the social stigma and stereotypes that the public may attach to PWD.

We are looking for volunteers who can spend two hours to interact with PWD, caregivers and other volunteers on a Saturday morning/afternoon on a monthly basis.  If you’re interested, please indicate your interest with us at “Be Our Volunteer” or contact Adelene Lee at 6311 2111 for more information.

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