Raffles Health Insurance (RHI): Corporate Plans

Our group insurance is offered through Raffles Health Insurance (RHI). RHI is a full-fledged insurance company specialising in the underwriting of health insurance. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Raffles Medical Group and a leading healthcare insurance specialist regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, RHI is able to tap on RMG’s wide network of clinics and Raffles Hospital to provide fully integrated and seamlessly coordinated care for our members, patients and clients. This includes extending the full-fledge of various medical services under Raffles Medical Group as a one-stop medical provider.

Unlike other insurance companies, RHI is a healthcare specialist and is fully conversant with medical trends. As a partner to our corporate clients, RHI focuses on managing rising healthcare costs and has a strong track record of managing costs for our clients through efficient design and administration of healthcare benefits. We offer healthcare financing solutions for both Individual and corporate clients. 
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• Group Major Medical
• Group Term Life
• Group Critical Illness
• Group Outpatient
• Group Maternity
• Group Personal Accident
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• Group Foreign Worker Plan