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Raffles Radiotherapy Centre aims to provide a comprehensive and personalised healthcare experience for our patients all in one location. Together with the Raffles Cancer Centre, our facility offers the use of the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator (Linac) with HyperArc competency, as well as MRI and PETCT simulation with 4D capabilities. Through the use of modern technology, our multi-disciplinary team is committed to bring quality clinical service and care in your radiotherapy and cancer-management journey.

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What is Radiotherapy?

Radiation therapy is the medical use of ionising radiation to treat patients with cancer. The treatment generates radiation beams that are shaped according to the size and shape of the tumour. This helps reduce radiation dose to the healthy tissues surrounding the organ while delivering maximum dose to the target.

Radiation therapy can be used to cure or control cancer, as well as to reduce symptoms caused by cancer such as pain and bleeding.


Our range of radiation therapy techniques and choice of technique depends on various factors such as the patient’s clinical condition, type of cancer, aim of treatment, location and size of the tumour.


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