Raffles Heart Centre is a one-stop centre for your cardiovascular needs. Our team of cardiologists can screen and treat a wide range of cardiovascular conditions, using a variety of procedures:

Screening for various heart conditions, such as:

Treatment for atrial fibrillation

Treatment for blocked or narrowed arteries

Make an appointment or send us an enquiry if you need help in managing your heart condition, or if you wish to assess your risk of heart diseases.

Care at Raffles Heart Centre

As part of Raffles Medical Group, you can enjoy access to medical experts from disciplines outside of Raffles Heart Centre if required, as well as expect quality care from us:

Multidisciplinary ​Team

Our cardiologists command the necessary expertise and knowledge to evaluate and treat your heart condition. By collaborating with other medical professionals from Raffles Medical Group, our specialists form a multidisciplinary team to provide integrated and comprehensive care for you.

Patient-centric Care

From developing a treatment plan to follow-up care, our cardiologists are dedicated to giving you their best care. We will work with you to identify the treatment and care options that meet your needs and goals.

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