Raffles Nursing Times

Issue 11

  • Life as a Diabetes Nurse
  • Raffles Hospital’s NCPD Premier Award
  • ANCC NCPD Summit and Award Ceremony 2022
  • Re-accredition as Baby Friendly Hospital
  • BFHI Celebratory Lunch
  • Nurses’ Word Search

Issue 10

  • An Eye for Detail
  • Raffles Nurses' Day Celebrations
  • Nurses' Day 2022 Award Ceremony
  • Nurses' Insight
  • Compliments for Our Nurses
  • On the Radar
  • Nurses' Bank: Colour Psychology

Issue 9

  • Making a difference in small people
  • COVID-19 Special: COVID-19 Treatment Facility (CTF)
  • Perform Elderly Care Nursing
  • Compliments for our nurses
  • On the Radar
  • The Resilience Episode

Issue 8

  • ANCC Accreditation with Distinction
  • The Skilful Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • COVID-19 Special: Travel Testing Centre
  • Nurses Voices
  • On the Radar
  • Funny Memes

Issue 7

  • Not Just an Average Nurse (CCSD)
  • Long Service Award
  • On the Radar
  • Festive Thoughts
  • Raffles health

Issue 6

  • Oncology Nursing Team - More than just a nurse
  • Nurses' Day Celebration
  • Nurses' Compliments
  • On the Radar

Issue 5

  • Fertility Nursing - More than just a nurse
  • COVID-19 Vaccination (VC) Training - Nursing Education Department (NED)
  • Skincare Tips for Nurses

Issue 4

  • Expanded Role of Nurses: Wound nurses
  • Special Edition - COVID-19 Projects
  • ADedication to our RMG ForeignNurses in Singapore
  • Early Warning Signs Saves Lives
  • Happy International Women’s Day

Issue 3

"Behind-The-Scenes" Stories

Expanded roles of nurses

Issue 2

Our Tribute to Raffles Nurses

Showing appreciation to our nurses in our own ways

Mastering the ‘da Vinci Xi’ Surgical System

Our Raffles nurses gain hands-on experience with the da Vinci Xi equipment

Issue 1

Achieving Success!

Raffles Hospital: ANCC Accreditation with Distinction

Raffles Nursing Career Path