Your coverage will start upon your matriculation at NTU or on a date advised by NTU, whichever is later, provided that you have paid the premium.

No, outpatient treatment at a Private Hospital/Clinic is not covered but inpatient treatment at Private Hospitals will be covered subject to reasonable and customary cost of treatment in a B1 Ward in the Singapore General Hospital, up to the maximum limit of S$50,000 per year.

GP outpatient services (eg. for flu and fever) are not covered. Treatment by a Specialist (including diagnostic tests like x-rays or scans) or A&E department in a government restructured hospital is covered up to S$1,000 per year. Additional $1,000 covered for Mental / psychiatric treatments/ physiotherapy/ TCM treatments. The specialist must be referred by the Fullerton Health @ NTU/A&E department of a government restructured hospital. Please refer to the "Benefits" page for more details.

Yes, if you seek treatment at the A&E department of a government restructured hospital or a polyclinic within 72 hours of the accident. Follow-up treatment is covered up to 60 days from the date of initial treatment and up to a maximum of S$1,000 per year.

No, dental treatment is not covered except for treatment due to accidental injury to sound natural teeth.

You are covered for emergency hospitalisation/surgery expenses while overseas, but not for intended or pre-arranged overseas treatment. If you wish to seek treatment in your home country, please contact RHI Hotline for approval prior to treatment. Hospitalisation/surgery expenses incurred overseas will be covered up to the reasonable and customary cost of treatment in a B1 ward in Singapore General Hospital. Outpatient specialist treatment incurred overseas is not covered. If you are going overseas for exchange/internship programmes, you are strongly advised to have additional travel insurance coverage as the limits of this insurance may not be sufficient.

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered for students but not for dependants.

Please download the LOG request form ​here, complete and submit it together with the required documents at least 5 working days before your admission. Please go to "LOG" page for more details. For emergency admission, please contact RHI Hotline or One Stop @ SAC/NIE as soon as possible if LOG is required. Otherwise, please submit the claim after your discharge.

If approved by the insurer, a LOG will be issued so that the hospital will bill the insurer directly. For outpatient visits, please pay first and submit the claim for reimbursement. Please refer to the "Claim" page for more details.

No, RHI will review the case and issue LOG for the cases that are covered under the policy. If the information provided is not clear or insufficient information, RHI may decline to issue the LOG. In this case, please pay first and after your discharge, submit the claim for further review

No. For such cases, students will have to make payment directly to the hospital. Thus, you should ensure that you have the financial means before considering admission into the hospital.

Please submit all the documents for review at least 5 working days before the date of admission. RHI will try to expedite for emergency admissions.

How can I be reimbursed for these costs? If a LOG was issued, please submit the Discharge Summary/ Medical Report and any pre and post hospital bills to RHI for processing. If LOG was not issued, please submit a claim for processing. For information on the required documents, please refer to the “Claim” page.

Please refer to the “Claim” page for the procedure.

You should submit the claim as soon as possible preferably within 30 days from the date of treatment. Please note that late claims may not be processed. Thus, please submit early.

Please refer to the "Claim" page for the procedure.

Upon receipt of all required documents, claims will generally be processed within 21 days.

You will be notified by email. Reimbursement of approved claims will be deposited into your Singapore bank account.

The information on this website is a summary and is meant as a guide only. Coverage is subjected to the terms conditions and exclusions of RHI’s polices. Any discrepancy between the information on this website and policies is unintentional