Raffles Connect

Body Temperature Record

What is body temperature record?

You can now track your daily temperature via Body Temperature Record (found under Records) in Raffles Connect. Once an elevated temperature is detected, you will be prompted to have a video consultation with a Raffles Medical doctor.

How to record your body temperature

Step 1

You will first need to have the Raffles Connect app, and create an account for yourself.

Get Started

Step 2

On Raffles Connect home screen, select ”Records“, then select “Body Temperature Records”

Step 3

Key in your body temperature for the day and press “Update”

Step 4

If your body temperature is above normal, you will be prompted with a button that allows you to do a video consultation with a Raffles Medical doctor.

Step 5

You can press “History” to check out your list of recorded body temperatures.

In this fight against COVID-19, let Raffles Medical Group help you stay equipped and protected.

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