Raffles Connect

Manage Your Time

Get your personal queue number before reaching the clinic.

What is Raffles Connect eQueue?

Raffles Connect eQueue is an in-app function that:


Provides live updates of waiting time at Raffles Medical clinics, islandwide.


Allows patients to get a queue number first, from wherever they are.


Offers a seamless patient experience from selecting their preferred Raffles Medical clinic, to getting an eQueue, consultation and completing their visit at the clinic.

Getting an eQueue helps you to cut down on waiting time in the clinic. After your arrival in the clinic, you will also get live notifications on the various touchpoints of your clinic visit.

How to get an eQueue number

Step 1

Getting an eQueue is easy! You will first need to have the Raffles Connect  app, and create an account for yourself.

Get Started

Step 2

Select 'Visit a Raffles Medical GP Clinic' on the main page of the app

Step 3

Select the Raffles Medical clinic nearest to your location / you wish to visit, and request for an eQueue number.

Step 4

You will be given your unique QR code to scan upon arrival at the clinic.

Download the App here!