Female Fertility Package (Basic)

Understand Your Fertility Potential

Did you know that a woman's fertility starts to decline at age 30? Take charge of your reproductive health and gain a better understanding of your fertility potential through our new fertility package.

Raffles Female Fertility (Basic) @ $385 (inclusive of GST)

Hormone Tests

  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone – AMH (Egg Reserve Test)
  • Prolactin (PRL)
  • Estradiol (E2)
  • Leutenising Hormone (LH)
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)

Transvaginal ultrasound

Test review with fertility specialist

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Things to Note

The blood tests will be scheduled between day three and five of patient’s menses. Patients are to contact Raffles Fertility Centre to make an appointment on day one of their menses.

Review appointment should be made 2 weeks after the blood test is taken. If Pap smear has been purchased as an add-on, appointment should not be made during menses. Patients who are keen to include the HPV test as an add-on may discuss with their specialist to determine if it is needed.

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