A wide range of surgical sub-specialties is offered at Raffles Surgery Centre providing diagnosis, management and surgery.

Our range of services includes General Surgery, Breast and Bariatric Surgery as well as Colorectal Screening.

The Breast Clinic offers complete evaluation and surgical management of benign and malignant breast conditions. The full range of biopsy techniques include: fine needle aspiration cytology, TruCut core biopsy, and ultrasound guided Mammotome biopsy. These biopsy techniques are immediately available and quick diagnosis is arrived at with minimal discomfort. Breast reconstruction services are also available to complement breast surgery.

Raffles’ surgeons have the expertise to manage weight-related medical conditions by performing bariatric surgeries. Our minimally invasive treatment modalities provide low morbidity, tiny operating scars and rapid recovery. Depending on your Body Mass Index and associated medical conditions, Bariatric procedure may be classified as a medical procedure and can be covered by Medisave or insurance.

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