Consultation Fees

Raffles Children's Centre

Specialist Consultant FeesRates (With GST)
First Consultation$183.12
Subsequent Consultation$122.08
Practice Cost$19.62

CDA, Baby Bonus and Medisave 

Different sources of financing are available as an approved healthcare institution. This includes the use of CDA, Baby Bonus, Medisave and Medisave-approved Integrated Insurance Plans for Singaporeans and PRs to cover your child medical-related expenses, including hospitalisation, child vaccinations and outpatient treatments.

Direct Billing and Insurance

Raffles Hospital works with various insurance, medical assistance and other companies to establish direct billing (cashless) agreements for the benefit of our patients. For more details, please refer to Cashless Admission to Raffles Hospital.

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Make an appointment to consult a paediatrician at a children's clinic near you. Select "Specialist Appointment". Under Specialist Appointment Details, select "paediatric medicine" or "paediatric surgery".

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