Student Career

Internships programme @ RMG is applicable to students in Singapore polytechnics and universities who are keen to embark their future career in healthcare organization. This specially designed programme enables you to gain knowledge in real working life and practice what you have learnt in the classroom. It will instil you with cohesive work ethics through interaction with people in RMG. The programme provides on-the-job training and acquires relevant skills prior to you entering the workforce. 

You will be placed in different business units where you can learn from your peers, cluster managers, physicians as well as senior leaders in the team. After completion of programme, you may get a job offer! 

To apply, email us at internship@rafflesmedical.com with a completed application form and resume.

Download Application for Internship Form
Raffles Medical Scholarship Programme is designed to groom future healthcare professionals through awarding scholarships to promising students in Singapore from the faculties of Nursing, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Life Sciences and Business Management related studies. Beyond scholarships, selected students will be attached to various functional groups during term breaks to understand overall business operations and gain first-hand insight of the healthcare industry.

Throughout the course of study, we provide mentorship to strengthen the relationship between our scholars and Raffles Medical Group and to enable them to grow personally
and professionally. 

Please send your completed application form, essay and supporting documents to scholarships@rafflesmedical.com before 31 March each year.

Download Application for Scholarship Form
At Raffles Medical Group (RMG), we believe in providing optimum and satisfactory care for our patients through efficient and expert service. Thus in collaboration with Institute of Technical Education (ITE), we are offering a training programme for ITE Skills Certificate in Healthcare (Outpatient) to help impart hands-on outpatient knowledge to individuals who possess the passion to care.

As a “Learn-as-you-Earn” programme, trainees will embark on a one-year full time traineeship under the care of qualified and experienced trainers, learning through both classroom and on-the-job training. Trainees will not only gain a head start in their career but also an opportunity to attain a skill certificate while experiencing similar benefits as other permanent employees within the company.

Upon successful completion of the programme, we provide trainees with employment opportunities, to join us as a Patient Service Assistant and serve with the knowledge and skill they have acquired.