Healthcare Management

Raffles Medical Group (RMG) has a long history managing and operating healthcare services and businesses. From its beginnings in 1976, RMG today manages and operates a range of healthcare services including family medicine, dental, specialist, hospital, diagnostic, health insurance, consumer health, healthcare consultancy, and traditional chinese medicine.

The Group has evolved a team of healthcare managers and physician leaders of varied backgrounds in public and private healthcare, government, university, etc.and with varied healthcare management expertise and experience which include healthcare policy and systems, strategic, business development, business management, operations, finance, human resource, marketing, service quality, quality management, healthcare facility planning and development, etc.

The Group’s expertise in healthcare and operational management has enabled the continuous expansion and growth of RMG over the years, and is recognised through accreditations with the Ministry of Health, Joint Commission International (JCI), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and Workplace Safety Health on BizSAFE.

Drawing on its pool of expertise, RMG provides regular training programmes to develop its managers, doctors, dentists, nurses, allied health, etc in healthcare management. As appropriate, such programmes are conducted in conjunction with institutions of higher learning.

Leveraging on the experience and capacity of the Group in organising and providing training in a variety of healthcare management topics, RHCI is able to customise healthcare management programmes for healthcare organisations wishing to arrange training courses of short duration and for more than 15 persons at a time.

Healthcare organisations interested in the healthcare management programmes may contact Raffles Healthcare Institute for further enquiries.