Specialist Training Programme

As a leading private healthcare provider in the region, Raffles Hospital plays a key role in continuing medical education leveraging on its group practice model, its growing pool of specialists, and expanding clinical breadth and depth.

The hospital’s group practice model supports team-based care and integrated healthcare services as well as co-ordinated activities such as research and teaching. In addition, with the expansion of its clinical and specialist services over the years, Raffles Hospital has achieved an operational scale and accumulated the medical expertise and resources to provide training for medical professionals.

Training of medical specialists takes place through hospital rounds, medical lectures, annual scientific meetings and clinical attachments which provide a platform for doctors to share and learn about medical problems and the latest treatments used for patients. Through these forums, specialists are kept up to date on the latest research findings, medical breakthroughs and technological enhancements. Through these educational programmes, we aim to offer our specialists the opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills, and adapt to developments in medicine, technology and changing needs of patients.

Annual Scientific Meetings

The annual scientific meeting is an educational conference held yearly for invited healthcare professionals from Singapore and the regional countries. It provides an excellent opportunity for inter-disciplinary learning and networking. Renowned experts are invited for each meeting to deliver lectures in accordance to the theme of the conference. Panel discussions allow participants to interact with the speakers and share different viewpoints for debate.

Expert-In-Residence Programme with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre

Raffles Hospital runs an expert-in-residence programme with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC), USA, under which cancer specialists from MSKCC make scheduled visits to Raffles Hospital to share their knowledge and skills with the local medical team. Under this programme, the MSKCC experts attend to patients in the clinics, perform surgeries as well as conduct tumour board meetings and teaching sessions at Raffles Hospital.

Palliative Care Observer Fellowship Programme

Raffles Cancer Centre, Raffles Hospital is a centre designated by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) for integrated oncology and palliative care. We welcome oncologists (surgical, medical, radiation sub-specialties) and oncology fellows to apply for a one-month Palliative Care Observer Fellowship programme at Raffles Hospital.

The palliative care observer fellowship programme encourages palliative care education and training and provides oncologists and oncology fellows additional experience in palliative care training. The programme comprises the following observational attachments:

  • 1st week - Attachment with consultant palliative care physician in clinics and hospital ward
  • 2nd week - Attachment with consultant pain specialist in clinics and hospital ward
  • 3rd week - Attachment with home hospice care team
  • 4th week - Attachment with inpatient hospice team in a hospice in Singapore

Candidates may apply for ESMO-funded Palliative Care Observation Fellowship award here.

Candidates who are self-funding or have own institutional funding may apply directly to Raffles Healthcare Institute.