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Raffles Healthcare Institute is dedicated to providing quality nursing education that develops critical skills and knowledge, fosters professionalism, and maximises the potential of local and international nursing talents.

Leveraging on the nursing expertise and experience in Raffles Medical Group’s stable of clinics and Raffles Hospital, Raffles Healthcare Institute offers a range of educational programmes that focus on clinical practice that equip learners with hands-on learning experience. 

We serve as a placement centre for undergraduate and advanced specialty nursing students from various educational institutions to gain clinical and leadership learning experiences in multi-disciplinary ward settings. Our clinical attachment programme allows the learners to take an active role in the learning process, and aims to meet the students’ learning objectives and support the students in achieving clinical skills competencies. 

The Institute also offers postgraduate nursing education programmes, open to local and foreign nurses, which include continuing professional education and the nursing graduate residency programme which aims at helping the newly-graduated nurse to make the transition to the hospital environment.

At Raffles Healthcare Institute, we firmly believe that lifelong learning and professional training are vital to the growth and development of nurses to help them excel in their roles as caregivers, health educators, counsellors and managers.

For local or overseas newly-graduated nurse, we offer a Nursing Graduate Residency Programme aimed at helping build confidence and easing their transition into the hospital environment. The training curriculum is designed to focus on knowledge on nursing assessment and care planning, critical thinking skill and clinical competency, risk assessment and patient safety. 

The 6-month programme consists of both a precept and non-
precept segment, to provide on-going support via coaching and mentoring of new nurse graduate. 

For enquiries about the programme, please email to nursing@rafflesmedical.com.

Raffles Hospital is accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board as a clinical training centre for both undergraduate and advanced specialty nursing students. We have collaborations with educational institutions such as

  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • ITE College East

The clinical attachments available are categorised as follows:

  • Pre-enrolment programme for students from NITEC in Nursing
  • Pre-registration programme for students from Diploma in Nursing and Degree in Nursing
  • Post-registration programme tailored to registered nurses pursuing advanced diploma in various nursing specialities

Our clinical attachment programmes at Raffles Hospital are aimed at meeting the students’ learning objectives and supporting the students in achieving clinical skills competencies. 

Students can look forward to a structured orientation programme to ease their transition into the hospital environment. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in in-house training programmes. 

Each student will be assigned to a clinical preceptor and exposed to different clinical settings to have hands-on practice under the guidance and supervision of the senior nurse or nurse instructor. 

On student administration matters, we support the clinical facilitators from the various educational institutions, and work closely with them to ensure learning needs are met. 

We maintain open channels of communication with students, preceptors and clinical facilitators. All feedback and suggestions are valuable to us and would contribute to continuous improvements of our programmes. 

Local nursing students, who may be interested in taking up their clinical attachment with Raffles Hospital, please approach your respective institution clinical liaison:

National University of Singapore
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies 

Singapore Institute of Technology
School of Health Sciences

Nanyang Polytechnic
School of Health Sciences
Nursing Department 

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
School of Health Sciences
Nursing Department 

ITE College East
School of Applied and Health Sciences
Nursing Department 

Family Medicine

Sep 21, 2014, 13:16 PM

The history of the Raffles Medical Group (RMG) can be traced to its Family Medicine practice which started in 1976 as a two-clinic practice in the Central Business district.

From its modest beginnings, RMG is today a leading fully integrated private healthcare provider in Singapore and South East Asia operating under the group practice model. The Group owns and operates a large network of multi-disciplinary clinics in Singapore located in residential and commercial areas, as well as four medical centres in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The Group has a large staff of family physicians offering a wide range of healthcare services in the management of common ailments and chronic diseases.  Our family physicians also provide services in special interest areas such as health screening, workplace health promotion, occupational medicine, aviation medicine and travel health consultancy. 

Our practice, as a large team-based, integrated multi-disciplinary group practice, provides a supportive structure and a rich learning environment for medical students and residents on attachments, as well as doctors on conditional registration.

RMG is a partner to Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and hosts medical students during their Family Medicine training postings wherein they are attached to specific preceptors running the Family Medicine clinics.

RMG also co-partners the National University Health System (NUHS) in the running of the NUHS Family Medicine Residency Programme. The residents are attached to the Family Medicine clinics and function as a clinic doctor under the supervision of faculty members. Other than clinical duties, they are also involved in Quality Improvement Projects as well as health education for the public.

Family Medicine Training Programme for Conditionally Registered Doctors

RMG is a Singapore Medical Council-approved healthcare institution to provide supervised practice and training for conditionally registered doctors during their two or four-year conditional registration period to prepare them for conversion to full registration.

RMG has a structured training programme that aims to train and equip our conditionally registered doctors to be competent Family Physicians.

Before commencement of employment, the doctors will be given reading materials to familiarise them with the Family Medicine practice in RMG as well as the overall healthcare system in Singapore. There will be scheduled sit-in sessions with senior Family Medicine doctors to discuss principles and practice issues of Family Medicine.

Upon commencement of employment, the doctors are required to fulfil a number of requirements to allow them to progress through the conditional registration. These include

  • Familiarising with pre-determined Clinical Practice Guidelines by the Ministry of Health, Singapore,
  • Weekly e-learning modules,
  • Reading of pre-assigned practical guides,
  • Monthly teaching sessions for the newly joined conditionally registered doctors,
  • Regular CMEs, Grand round, Morbidity and Mortality round,
  • Regular workshops to update skills, and
  • Attachments to specialist clinics in Raffles Hospital
Conditionally registered doctors who wish to pursue post-graduate studies such as the Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine or Graduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine can do so by applying for the Raffles sponsorship.

Training of Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine and Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) Programme B Doctors

Senior Family Physicians in RMG participate in the training of doctors pursuing the Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine and the Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) B (part-time), organised by the College of Family Physicians Singapore.


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