CHAS, Merdeka & Pioneer Generation

Present your card to receive subsidies for your dental treatments.

CHAS, Merdeka & Pioneer Generation

Raffles Dental clinics are participatory clinics under the CHAS scheme. To receive CHAS, Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation subsidies for your dental treatment, please present your card and NRIC upon registration.

Some treatments may require co-payment. Please check with your dentist to confirm the fees that you may need to pay before your treatment.

Table 1: CHAS Subsidy Tiers

CHAS Subsidy TierSubsidy Received For
Selected Dental Services
Selected Dental Services
Up to $261.50 per procedure
(dependent on procedure)
  • Crowning
  • Cementation
  • Curettage
  • infected socket
  • Denture
  • Denture reline
  • Extraction
  • Filling
  • Root canal treatment
  • Polishing
  • Scaling
  • Topical fluoride
Up to $266.50 per procedure
(dependent on procedure)
Up to $256.50 per procedure
(dependent on procedure)
Up to $170.50 per procedure
(for dentures, crowns and root canal treatments only)

Table 2: CHAS Subsidy Rates for Dental Treatment

Amount payable by patient* = Total clinic charges – CHAS subsidies

*CHAS eligibilities apply.
*With effect from 1 November 2019

  CHAS Subsidy (Up to $)
Dental ServicesClaim LimitsBlueOrangeMGPG
ConsultationUp to 2 consultations per calendar year.$20.50- $25.50$30.50
Extraction, AnteriorUp to 4 extractions per calendar year (shared across all types of extractions).$28.50- $33.50$38.50
Extraction, Posterior$68.50- $73.50$78.50
Filling, ​SimpleUp to 6 fillings per calendar year (shared across all types of fillings).​$30.00- $35.00$40.00
Filling, ​Complex​$50.00- $55.00​$60.00 
Removable Denture, Complete (Upper or Lower)Up to 1 upper and 1 lower denture per 3 calendar years.$256.50$170.50 $261.50$266.50
Removable Denture, Partial, Simple* (Upper or Lower)Up to 1 upper and 1 lower denture per 3 calendar years. 
*For replacement of less than 6 teeth.
$98.00$65.50 $103.00$108.00
Removable Denture, Partial, Complex (Upper or Lower)$210.00$140.00 $215.00$220.00
Denture Reline/Repair (Upper or Lower)Up to 1 upper and 1 lower denture reline/repair per calendar year.$75.00$50.00 $80.00$85.00
Permanent CrownUp to 4 permanent crowns per calendar year.$127.50$84.50 $132.50$137.50
Re-cementationUp to 2 re-cementations per calendar year.$35.00- $40.00$45.00
Root Canal Treatment (Anterior)Up to 2 root canal treatments per calendar year (shared across all types of root canal treatments).$164.00$109.50 $169.00$174.00
Root Canal Treatment (Pre-molar)$210.00$140.00 $215.00$220.00
Root Canal Treatment (Molar)$256.50$170.50 $261.50$266.50
PolishingUp to 2 polishing per calendar year.$20.50-$25.50$30.50
ScalingUp to 2 scaling per calendar year.$30.00- $35.50$40.00
Topical FluorideUp to 2 topical fluoride per calendar year.$20.50-$25.50$30.50
X-rayUp to 6 X-rays per calendar year.$11.00- $16.00$21.00

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