Skin Conditions

Eczema and hives are common skin conditions in Singapore, in part due to the humid weather.  Factors such as pollution, stress, diet and drug allergies can trigger or worsen these conditions. Left untreated, these skin conditions can become chronic and recurring.

TCM Skin TreatmentTCM believes that skin conditions are closely linked to dysfunctions in the Lung, Spleen and Liver systems. They can arise from emotional stress and poor dietary habits, leading to internal weakening of Qi or Yin. They can also be triggered by external factors, which introduce wind, dampness, and heat pathogens into the body.

By regulating your Yin-Yang imbalance through oral and applied herbal medication, as well as acupuncture, our TCM physicians can help restore balance in your body. Your skin condition symptoms will correspondingly alleviate.

For young children, TCM paediatric massage is also a treatment option. Relaxing the mind and body, as well as engaging outdoor activities is also important in the recovery stage of the skin disease.

A similar approach can be taken to effectively manage other types of skin conditions such as psoriasis, shingles pain and chronic itch.

Patients should avoid bathing with alkaline soap and hot water. Avoid wearing wool or nylon clothing. Reduce the intake of seafood (in case of allergies) and oily food.

If you are experiencing symptoms of skin conditions and would like to find out how TCM can help you manage them, make an appointment.

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