Consultation Fees

Raffles Chinese Medicine

TCM Consultation FeesRates (With GST)
First Consultation (Consultant)$65.40
Subsequent Consultation (Consultant)$43.60
First Consultation (Physician)$54.50
Subsequent Consultation (Physician)$32.70
Extended consultationFrom $70.85
Practice Cost$10.90

Treatments Fees
(Per individual site/location of body)
Rates (With GST)
Acupuncture From $92.65
Paediatric TuinaFrom $65.40
AuriculotherapyFrom $16.35
CuppingFrom $43.60
MoxibustionFrom $54.50
"Herbs* (per day)From $13.08

Direct Billing and Insurance

Raffles Hospital works with various insurance providers, medical assistance services and other companies to establish direct billing services (cashless agreements) for the convenience of our patients. For insurance coverage and benefits, you may wish to contact your employer or insurance company for more information.

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