Menopause brings with it a host of physiological and psychological changes to your body, some of which – hot flushes, irritability, or insomnia - might be uncomfortable or distressing.  

Our TCM physicians can help you identify the types of imbalance that may contribute to symptoms of menopause. Based on the diagnosis, you will undergo a targeted acupuncture session to relieve symptoms and restore balance to your body. To ensure your symptoms fully subside, you may be required to attend multiple sessions with our physicians.

Besides treating your symptoms, our physicians will also offer customised lifestyle tips to complement your treatment and improve your condition, so you can enjoy your golden years in comfort.


Why Choose Raffles Chinese MedicineRaffles Hospital

  • We have English and Mandarin speaking physicians who are registered with the TCM Practitioners Board in Singapore.

  • Our team integrates eastern and western medicine to provide the best care for our patients. Patients get treatment from TCM physicians, who work closely with our western medicine specialists to co-manage medical conditions such as fertility, women’s health, and pain management.

  • We offer patients the benefits of TCM that are established, safely administered and managed according to modern quality standards.

Let us help you relieve your aches and pains, and get you on the path to good health.​

Menopause-Management-PackageRaffles TCM Menopause Management Package
Price: $107.00 (Price is inclusive of GST)

Location:Raffles Chinese Medicine, Raffles Hospital, Level 2 Raffles Chinese Medicine, Raffles Holland V

This package includes:

  • One consultation and health examination with our TCM physicians.
  • One acupuncture session that targets your menopausal symptoms.
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