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Hysteroscopy at Raffles Women Centre

A hysteroscopy is a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic procedure to visualise the inner lining of your uterus and / or check for the cause of any gynaecological symptoms you may be experiencing.

While a hysteroscopy is usually done in an outpatient setting, it may be done in a hospital operating theatre if other therapeutic procedures are conducted on the uterus as well.  

Your doctor may recommend a hysteroscopy ​to:

  • Perform a biopsy on the inner lining of the uterus.

  • Remove uterine or cervical polyps and submucosal fibroids

  • Inspect the female genital tract for abnormalities, such as any uterine malformations or a thickened inner uterus lining.  

  • Remove any trapped intrauterine contraceptive device or foreign body.

  • Determine the cause of pelvic pain, infertility, abnormal bleeding, or irregular periods.

Make an enquiry or appointment with us if you experience any pelvic pain or abnormal vaginal symptoms, and wish to confirm your symptoms.

How a Hysteroscopy Works

How Hysteroscope Works

During the procedure, a hysteroscope, which is a long and thin telescope, will be inserted into your cervix through the vagina. Your doctor may dilate your cervix or use a vaginal speculum to make the insertion process easier. After the hysteroscope has been inserted into the uterus, your uterine cavity will be filled with fluid or gas for better visualisation of the uterus. 

The procedure usually takes less than half an hour and you can usually go off after your hysteroscopy, if no additional therapeutic procedure is required.

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