Health Screening Packages for Women

Hey ladies, make time for your health

Health Screening Packages for Women

Women today are busy trying to balance between work and family commitments. Many of us find fitting in appointments for gynaecological check-ups into our schedule may prove to be challenging.

Remember, not all issues necessarily come with symptoms. Going for an annual check-up can reveal changes or raise issues of concern, allowing you to be proactive in prevention and early detection. When it comes to problems, early detection is often critical for a successful treatment. Therefore, it is worth finding the time to put your mind at ease and enhance your overall health.

We provide a continuum of care throughout different phases of life. Our priority however, has always been the same, to help you maintain good feminine health and ensure that you are staying at the top of your game.

Raffles Treasure Ladies Plus $550

  • Consultation with a Gynaecologist
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound Pelvis
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound Breast

For 40 years old and above

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Raffles Treasure Ladies $350

  • Consultation with a Gynaecologist
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound Pelvis

For 20 years old and above

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General Gynaecological Health

When you come for your health screening, our doctor will conduct a physical examination and assess your overall health that includes your family history. He / she will also address your concerns about women’s health, and guide you through changes that you may be experiencing as you age.

Pap Smear

This laboratory test should be part of your annual gynaecological check-up. The Pap smear test is the best screening tool available for the early detection of cervical cancer, and may also help detect other conditions such as infections or inflammation.

Pelvic Examination

This ultrasound test can help detect unusual growths or other changes that may have developed, along with testing for sexually transmitted infection (STI). Women with issues such as abnormal discharge, menstrual disorders or perimenopause are encouraged to have an annual check-up.

Breast Examination

Breast health begins with having a sense of breast awareness, and understanding what is normal for your breasts. You will notice a change in breasts sensitivity and texture at different periods during your menstrual cycle.

Concerns may include breast lumps, breast pain or nipple discharge. Aside from regular breast self-examination, it is also important to understand common diagnostic tests, such as mammogram and ultrasound.

There are lots of other reasons for you to schedule your annual visits and they include irregular menstrual cycles, maternal healthcare, birth control, painful intercourse, changes in vaginal discharge, and urinary issues.

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