Consultation Fees

Raffles Skin & Aesthetics

Specialist Consultant FeesRates (Without GST)Rates (With GST)
First Consultation$146.00$156.22
Subsequent Consultation$108$115.56
Extended ConsultationFrom $170.00From $181.90
Emergency / After-Office-Hours ConsultationFrom $170.00From $181.90
Practice Cost$16$17.12

Plastic Surgeon's FeesRates (Without GST)Rates (With GST)
First Consultation$155.00$165.85
Subsequent Consultation$115.00$123.05
Extended ConsultationFrom $​260.00From $278.20
Practice Cost$16$17.12

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Make an appointment online or contact a Raffles Skin & Aesthetics' clinic near you to consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. To make an appointment, select "Specialist Appointment". Under Specialist Appointment Details, select "Anti-ageing""Dermatology" or "Plastic Surgery".

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